Make your roof work for you

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More than a shelter

Your roof is valuable real estate under the sun, an infinite energy source, why stop there? Harvest your own solar energy and power your home with sustainable electricity.

Our tailored solar power solutions are designed for optimum energy generation, while maintaining the aesthetics of your home for a seamless look.

Make your roof work for you. Start your journey to a solar powered home with EIGEN ENERGY!

Lower your electricity bill
Increase your home's value
No carbon emissions generated
Protect your roof from degradation
Keep your home cool

How it works

Solar panels generate electricity during the daytime.

Inverter converts the energy into electricity for household usage.

Surplus electricity can be sold to the power grid.

Keep your home cool

Solar panels will take the heat when you cannot.

The area beneath the solar panels will remain cooler on a sunny day. Your aircon doesn't have to run on full power and you spend less on cooling your home!

Prolong your roof's lifespan

A solar power system acts as a protection shield over your roof.

Weathering and degradation of your roof is slowed down for the long run. And with a 25 year power warranty for the solar panels, you can be sure that even the next generation will see the benefits.

How to proceed?

Contact us to arrange a no obligation survey. You want an easier way? We can give you an accurate quotation based on satellite images only.

We prepare a system design using the latest simulation software. Advanced technologies mean you will know exactly how much you could be saving.

After arrangement, we will install your solar power system within a week and handle all required paperwork for you.

Sit back and relax, enjoy your savings, and feel empowered.

Free Cost Estimate

Reach us at 6589 8601 or to arrange a no obligation survey.

Know the cost, know the savings.
Get in touch with us and start your journey to sustainability.

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Featured projects

Bukit Timah

Landed residential house along Belmont Road in central Singapore.

26.5kWp, 100 panels
REC PeakEnergy 265Wp
Monthly Savings: S$650

Yio Chu Kang

Inter-terrace house near Yio Chu Kang Road in Singapore.

5.30kWp, 20 panels
REC PeakEnergy 265Wp
Monthly Savings: S$140